Pros And Cons Of Roof Racks

There are so many means of transportation in our daily lives, and cars are one of the best modes of transport used worldwide when people use cars as a means of transport. In the past, cars were only used by a handful of wealthy employees, but nowadays, cars have become so important to our everyday lives that we cannot really deal with our daily lives without a car.

Buying a car is easier but maintaining it can sometimes become a tough job to do. And when it comes to having a comfortable car, you have to buy accessories which can enhance the comfort level of your car. One of the most important accessory when it comes to travelling are the roof racks. We can say that roof racks are a life hacking tool for travelers especially when you plan a trip with your family or friends. This is a tool which do not come up with the stock parts in any car and you have to buy the parts from aftermarket garages as a spare part. As it is a spare part which can carry baggage and materials that are necessary for you to carry and transport. Here are some of the pros and cons of these roof racks. See here for nudge bars sydney


Roof racks provide extra storage space to your car where you can place your baggage and carry it from one place to another without accommodating it indoor.

Implanting a roof rack can spare room in the indoor of your car and provide you your car’s actual accommodation.

Some roof racks have lights built-in within the roof rack which provide light to camping sites when sunlight is gone


These roof racks become useless when not on travelling or when you don’t have enough baggage to put it on your roof

Installation of a roof rack can give size extension to your car and your car gain much volume.

Once the roof rack is installed, cleaning of the roof become harder as the points where it is bound to roof, are shard and pressed.

The Roof racks which are bought from aftermarket stores are expensive and are not easily affordable.

These racks are not portable and are heavy in weight.

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