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Steel Retaining Wall And Various Other Types Of Retaining Walls

Man has becomes so advanced that he has found solution for almost every problem. He found out that he cannot bear the extreme weather conditions so he built house for himself. The structure and composition of the houses kept on changing until we reached the time when the houses are made by the combination of various materials like cement, wood, stones, water and other such materials. Then boundary walls were constructed for protection and privacy purposes. Similarly, now we have been introduced with the concept of retaining walls as well. The main function of these walls is to prevent the entry of materials from one side to another. There are various different types of retaining walls among which some are going to be discussed in this article like steel retaining wall.

Retaining wall:

As the name indicates, retaining walls is the kind of wall which is meant to retain the material from entering into another side. It is like a portion or partition between two sections. The main function of retaining wall is to prevent the entrance or passage of soil from upper side of the earth to the lower side. However, besides soil there can be other things as well that are prevented from entering another portion. Retaining walls in Melbourne can be composed of various types among which some are discussed below.

Steel retaining wall:

Steel retaining wall is the kind of a retaining wall that is majorly composed of steel along with the mixture of other elements like the traces of manganese, chromium or nickel. One of the best things about installing steel retaining walls is that they are quite firm and can be anchored deep into the ground due to which it is considered as one of the best types of retaining walls.

Various other types of retaining walls:

Other than the steel retaining wall, there are many other types of retaining as well. These retaining walls differ on the basis their composition. There are retaining walls made up of limestone, these walls are also quite firm but the drawback of this retaining wall is that the pores are formed on this wall due to continuous heavy rain. Then there is gravity retaining wall in which concrete is poured as the first layer and wall is made with stones. In addition to these retaining walls, there are timber retaining walls, rocks retaining walls, etc.


Retaining walls can be defined as the kind of walls which are constructed to retain or prevent the passage of soil, or other such material from one side to another. There are various different types of retaining walls, among which one of the best retaining wall is known as steel retaining wall. The reason for considering steel retaining wall as the best one is that they are quite firm and long lasting. “Icon walls” offers their services of installing as well delivering the best quality of steel retaining walls.